Yes she’s a ‘hipster’: Hipster Barbie

Published: September 5, 2015

Yes she’s a ‘hipster’: Hipster Barbie, There’s a new Instagram star in town. No, it’s not a new resident at Burnside 26. It’s a doll.

“Socalitybarbie” has charmed users on the social media site, one composed, Valencia-filtered shot in front of a train track at a time. People have nicknamed her “Hipster Barbie” and she’s taken parody photos to a new level.

The person who runs the ‘Hipster Barbie’ is based in Portland, and said she started the account to poke fun at people who appear to competitively post “authentic” photos on Instagram (cappuccino art, standing on top of a mountain with perfectly styled hair, a bird’s eye view of Kinfolk magazine, wrapped in a Pendleton blanket on the beach).

“I couldn’t help noticing a strong presence of people on Instagram who were taking the same ‘authentic’ images. It started to become extremely difficult to tell all of their images apart,” she said. “I wanted to make a parody account and thought the best way to make my point is with a mass produced doll.”

Since she lives in Portland, she said she’s “very familiar with this aesthetic. Portland is TS-EX- place to live the most authentic life.”

Unfortunately, the woman behind this amazing Instagram account wouldn’t tell us her true identity.

“I chose to remain anonymous because it’s more fun that way, for me and for the followers,” she said. “I believe it makes her seem like she’s a real person and it’s entertaining to watch people try and figure out who’s behind the account.”


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