Windows 10 Devices Event

Published: October 6, 2015

Windows 10 Devices Event, Microsoft is holding a huge event in New York City on Tuesday. One the agenda: lots of hardware. The company is expected to unveil a few new Windows 10 phones, a new version of the Surface and likely a new wearable as well. Here’s a rundown on what to expect:

Windows 10 Phones

Tuesday’s event is being billed as a Windows 10 device event, so new Windows 10 hardware is all but a given. Early leaks and rumors point to the company unveiling three new phones: the Lumia 950, 950 XL and Lumia 550.

The Lumia 950 is expected to measure in at 5.2 inches, while the XL version will be a slightly larger 5.7 inches. Both are expected to have Quad HD displays, 32GB of built-in storage and 20-megapixel built-in cameras. The phones are also rumored to be getting iris scanning for security. The Lumia 550 is expected to be this year’s budget model phone, and come with 4.7-inch, 720p display.

If you’re already using a Windows Phone, expect Microsoft to offer some details on when you can anticipate receiving Windows 10 on your device.

Surface Pro 4

Both Apple and Google showed off Surface-like devices over the past few weeks. Tuesday we’re likely to see the next generation of the Surface emerge as well. Rumors point to the Pro 4 getting a higher-resolution (possibly 4k) display, a faster processor, and biometric scanning. Some experts believe Microsoft will take the opportunity to show off two versions of the tablet, one at its regular 12-inch size, and another larger version measuring in at 13 or 14 inches.

The tablet is also expected to work better with a stylus thanks to technology from Ntrig, which Microsoft recently acquired.

Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft is also expected to use Tuesday’s event as an opportunity to show off the next generation of its fitness-tracking band. The wearable is expected to get a whole new look, and also be able to track additional fitness stats, including how many flights of stairs you go up each day.

Virtual Reality

We also might hear a bit more about Microsoft’s virtual reality plans at Tuesday’s event. Last week, we saw images of a cardboard VR headset that Microsoft is handing out to developers at an upcoming hackathon in Russia. We may see the cardboard device at the event as well, and potentially hear more about Microsoft’s VR plans, including HoloLens.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 device event gets underway on Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET/ 7 a.m. PT.


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