Whoopi Defends Cosby

Published: July 8, 2015

Whoopi Defends Cosby, Sobbing and wiping away tears, Rosie Perez confirmed reports that she’s leaving The View. On Wednesday’s show, Perez did not explain the reason for her departure beyond, “It’s time to go.” She thanked a long list of View staff, “the fans,” and especially “the Latin community,” referring to herself as “the first Latina on The View — what the hell took you so long?”

“I do not have one regret for coming to this show,” said Perez, which is usually show biz-speak for having a lot of regrets for coming to a show. Certainly, Perez’s tenure was very brief and ultimately ineffective in moving The View out of its ratings and creative-content problems. But the studio audience gave her a standing ovation, and co-host Nicolle Wallace cried as well.

On Monday, I wrote that Perez hadn’t added much to the show, that she “seems perpetually confused about when to interject an opinion or question — she’s never found the rhythm of the show.” Perez said on Wednesday’s show that she’ll continue to act and gave a special plug for her return to covering boxing, on ESPN.

After a commercial break, Whoopi Goldberg had something completely different to say, about her ongoing defense of Bill Cosby. Citing a ton of hate mail she’s received, Goldberg said heatedly to the camera, “Don’t come after me like that, because it’s bull… Back off me!”

Goldberg said the comedian is “still innocent until proven guilty.” She said, “If you’re the mother of a son, you want to keep ‘innocent until proven guilty.’” Goldberg cited the 2006 Duke lacrosse team rape allegations as an example of a rush to judgment. The studio audience applauded rather tepidly, understandably ambivalent about the response they were expected to give.

Whoopi Defends Cosby


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