What you missed: Blood Super Moon Pictures

Published: September 28, 2015

What you missed: Blood Super Moon Pictures, The sun, the Earth and the moon lined up in a row to put on a light show in Sunday’s night sky, and people around the world looked up to watch the lunar eclipse.

It was a special one for at least two reasons.

First, this moon was a supermoon. It happened to be at perigee, the spot in its slightly oblong orbit that brings it closest to the Earth. And that made it look particularly large in the sky.

Second, this lunar eclipse was the last in a series of four spanning two years, a phenomenon called a tetrad. Those can happen a couple of times in a century, or they can make themselves very rare, skipping over a few centuries.

The last supermoon total lunar eclipse occurred 33 years ago.

Space fans and sky watchers throughout much of the world were able to see the supermoon eclipse.

Renata Arpasova from Swindon, England, stayed up into the early morning hours Monday to photograph the copper-colored moon shining among the glittering stars. “We were meant to have clouds, but miracles do happen and we ended up with clear skies,” she said.

In Ohrid, Macedonia, Stojan Stojanovski waited through cloudy, rainy weather on the roof of his house to get a glimpse of the lunar event. He was mesmerized by the reddish color and was able to capture several shots of the eclipsing moon basking over the city.

“The eclipse had a beautiful start with the clouds, and for the final hour everything was clear,” he said.


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