Wedding dress note touches hearts: Wedding Dress Note

Published: June 12, 2015

Wedding dress note touches hearts: Wedding Dress Note, An 85-year-old pensioner who sparked a media storm when he donated his late wife’s wedding dress to charity said he’s been ‘overwhelmed’ by the response.

St Gemma’s Hospice launched a worldwide search to find ‘the kind gentleman’ after he handed the vintage gown into their charity shop in Garforth, Leeds, with a heart-rending note attached.

The note read: ‘I wish any lady who takes this dress to have a life with her loved one, 56 years like I did, happy years. I was a lucky man to marry a lady like mine.’

The charity shared pictures of the dress and note on their social media websites with an appeal to find the donator to thank him personally.

His story touched the hearts of many, leading to enquiries to buy the dress from across the country and even from the U.S.

As a result, the charity decided to put the dress up for auction on ebay to allow more people to have the chance to buy it, and currently the bidding stands at £7,738.

They also asked women to share their own pictures of themselves in their wedding dresses along with a donation which has boosted the hospice’s coffers.

The appeal has led to the man who donated the dress to come forward but he wishes to remain anonymous.

The charity’s head of communications Nicola Woodgate told MailOnline: ‘He’s a local man and one of his relatives had seen coverage in the papers and asked him to phone me.

‘He wishes to remain anonymous which we are respecting. But he’s an 85-year-old and he’s absolutely delighted with all the attention the dress is receiving.

‘He cannot believe the media frenzy and is overwhelmed with the amount being raised for the dress on eBay.’

Nicola said she had the pleasure of chatting to the man for hours and heard about the dress’s history and the wedding day. He had donated the dress this week as he felt the ‘time was right’.

‘He said this wedding dress has already had a beautiful story as far as he’s concerned and it’s just carrying on its journey,’ she said.

The charity posted the following message on their Facebook page on his behalf. It reads: ‘We have news! We have found the kind gentleman who donated the beautiful vintage wedding dress to St Gemma’s Hospice this week.

‘He is over the moon that we are giving somebody the opportunity to buy the gorgeous gown on ebay.

‘He is a big fan of St Gemma’s Hospice and is overwhelmed with the International attention that his late wife’s dress is generating.

‘He is so happy and proud that the Hospice will benefit from funds raised by the auction of the dress.

‘He wishes to remain anonymous and we fully respect his decision but he is watching the media frenzy with interest and thinks it is wonderful. We have thanked him so much for his kindness and he would like to thank everyone for their support.’

The white lace gown has a peplum skirt, intricate stitching and floral detail.

There have so far been 68 bids from brides-to-be keen to wear the dress on their big day, decades on from when it first walked up the aisle.

Wedding Dress Note


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