Votes to bomb ISIS: British Airstrikes Syria

Published: December 3, 2015

Votes to bomb ISIS: British Airstrikes Syria, A key rationale in David Cameron’s case for airstrikes in Syria is the existence of 70,000 moderate Syrian ground troops who he says stand ready to work with foreign forces to retake Raqqa, Isis’ Syrian stronghold.

But as my colleague Ewan MacAskill writes, the PM has so far failed to clarify which groups make up these forces, where they are based, or their ideological hue. On Wednesday night Cameron also appeared to recast the readiness of these troops to take on Isis.

In a sign of backtracking, the prime minister made an important switch in emphasis from last week: from such a force being willing and ready on the ground to one that might be in the future. Such a future would require a peace settlement between President Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian army and the Free Syrian Army, freeing them all up to unite in the fight against Isis.


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