Very Expensive equipment: Rafael Nadal 775,000 Watch

Published: June 2, 2015

Very Expensive equipment: Rafael Nadal 775,000 Watch, Rafael Nadal is wearing a very expensive watch during the French Open.
If you watched Rafael Nadal play in the French Open you might have noticed a shiny object on his wrist.

That shiny object is a $775,000 watch made by the Swiss company Richard Mille. According to the website, only 50 of these watches were made.

According to The @WSJ, @RafaelNadal’s watch is worth a stunning $775,000!
– NBCSN (@NBCSN) June 1, 2015

This isn’t the first time Nadal has sported a watch during play. According to the Wall Street Journal, the talented tennis player has been wearing a watch since 2010. By now, he’s used to the feeling of it.

“In the beginning there was a little bit of transition, we had to work together to adjust everything to my wrist,” Nadal said. “It’s like you are wearing nothing. It’s part of my skin.”

Unfortunately, highly valued possessions, such as Nadal’s watches, are prime targets for theft. The WSJ says Nadal has had his watches stolen twice – once in a locker room and another in a hotel, which was later recovered.

He almost lost another watch after leaving it in the locker room, but doubles player Eric Butorac found it.

“I remember holding it and thinking, ‘Wow, this is worth more than my career prize money,’ ” Butorac told the WSJ.


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