Trump interviews himself: Jimmy Fallon Trump Video

Published: September 14, 2015

Trump interviews himself: Jimmy Fallon Trump Video, United States presidential candidate Donald Trump recently talked about his plans for the U.S. government and revealed who he wants to back him up in case he wins as president in 2016. In a comical skit with “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Trump said he wants Kanye West to be his vice president.

The video below opens with Jimmy Fallon, dressed as Donald Trump’s doppelganger, sitting in front of the mirror for his so-called “interview with Jimmy Fallon.” Although he starts to crack up in between the sketch, visible from his shoulders shaking, Fallon remarkably copies Trump’s voice as well as hand gestures as he questions Trump about his bid for U.S. presidency. After a series of questions about his plans for the U.S. government and opinions on certain policies, Fallon’s last question, which he says deserves an “honest” answer, was whether he will choose Gary Busey as vice president if he wins as president in 2016.

“Look, I love Gary. He’s fantastic but more of a Supreme Court justice in my opinion,” Trump replies. He then adds, “Vice president is a very serious job so I’d probably ‘gonna go with somebody else. I would say maybe Kanye West.”

Trump’s answer cracks the studio audience while Fallon, still in his Trump impersonation, gestures with his head and mouth, “smart move.”

According to Cinema Blend, the segment in the NBC show basically mocked Trump’s mannerisms, his opinions about certain public policies in the U.S. and also his ego. Throughout the skit, Trump maintains a serious face despite getting a few laughs from the studio audience for his answers. However, according to the site, he also appears agitated as the comical skit progresses.

Kanye West recently made a bold announcement during the MTV Video Music Awards, or VMAs, on Aug. 30 that he will be running for U.S. president in 2020. Kanye announced his decision to run for U.S. president during his Vanguard acceptance speech. According to Entertainment Online, the rapper had admitted that he had smoked weed prior to the show. Therefore, it’s reportedly doubtful whether he was being serious with his announcement, considering he was high during the show.


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