Tom Hardy on his sexuality

Published: September 19, 2015

Tom Hardy on his sexuality, Tom Hardy explained his recent reaction to a question about his sexuality saying that it was not the right setting for the query.

The Mad Max actor made headlines after getting angry at an interviewer who pointed out that his character “Ronnie” in the upcoming film Legend is open about his sexuality, but that Hardy himself is not — having once admitted, then denied admitting, having sexual relations with men. “What on earth are you on about?” Hardy asked, shutting down the line of questioning.

Public speculation about Hardy’s sexuality has been buzzing since a 2008 interview when he seemed to admit having had relations with men; he later said his quotes were taken out of context.

Now, he tells Entertainment Weekly, “It was just the inelegance of being asked in a room full of people … I’m happy to have a conversation, a discussion, at a reasonable time about anything. I’m confident in my own sexuality, and I’m also confident in my own being and talking about any issue you want to talk about it. But there is a time and a place for that.”


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