Tiger & ‘Shooter’ pose: Tiger Woods Shooter Mcgavin

Published: September 9, 2015

Tiger & ‘Shooter’ pose: Tiger Woods Shooter Mcgavin, Tiger Woods was the greatest golfer in the world before his wife took a golf club to his face in the driveway when she found him cheating on her with porn stars and waitresses and randoms.

The timing of that 2009 incident coincided with a bunch of young golf hot shots rising to the top of the sport to supplant him. The same thing happened to the fictional Shooter McGavin. Life, it seems, is always imitating art.

Actor Christopher McDonald, who portrayed the cocksure McGavin, posed for a picture with Woods at the U.S. Open. McDonald posted the photo on September 4th and it went largely unnoticed until a McGavin parody account with 225 times the followers shared it without attribution.

#usopen look who’s rooting for Serena!! The MAN!! pic.twitter.com/2ooheTImDq

– Christopher McDonald (@Yesitschrismcd) September 5, 2015

The internet truly is a magical place.


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