Threatens to resign: Prime Minister Tammam Salam

Published: August 24, 2015

Threatens to resign: Prime Minister Tammam Salam, The Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam is threatening to quit over erupted violence in Beirut as 30 security officers are left injured and a civilian is dead due a clash with protesters. Facing criticism over the violent crackdown of peaceful protests, Salam has hinted he may resign.

Salam said the government may be unable to pay wages next month, as protesters clashed with police for a second day over the cabinet’s inability to resolve a crisis over garbage disposal. “You Stink” protests began on Saturday directed at the government’s inability to resolve a crisis over garbage disposal, which some say reflects the wider failings of the weak state, according to Sky News.

Lebanon’s political deadlock may also prevent the government from selling bonds, affecting its credit rating, Salam said at a news conference in Beirut on Sunday.

“The garbage crisis is what broke the camel’s back, but the story is much bigger than this,” Salam said. “Did you know that because of the failure to take decisions, we may not be able to pay the salaries of a large number of public sector employees?”

One protester has already died in the violent anti-government demonstrations as the Lebanese government turned to army deployment to disperse the crowd. Approximately 30 police officers were injured during the violence, according to The Daily Mail.

Police outside Lebanon’s seat of government in central Beirut responded with tear gas after they were pelted with molotov cocktails and rocks. Store fronts were smashed amid chants demanding the cabinet’s overthrow, according to Bloomberg.


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