Thousands of guns: Brent Nicholson Guns

Published: December 5, 2015

Thousands of guns: Brent Nicholson Guns, An arsenal of weapons including thousands of guns and 500 chainsaws has been discovered at the home of man accused of drug trafficking.

Police discovered the hoard at the South Carolina home of Brent Nicholson, 51, when they went to serve him a subpoena. One hundred officers raided the house, near the small town of Pageland, the following day.

It took the authorities two days to seize the massive armory which included between 7,000 and 10,000 stolen guns, ammunition, crossbows and 500 chainsaws. They also found four-wheelers and taxidermy supplies.

‘None of us have ever seen anything anywhere close to this,’ Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks told WBTV. ‘No telling how many break-ins this will help wrap up.’

Police believe Nicholson was not stockpiling the weapons to sell or use but was simply compelled to collect them.

‘There’s no evidence that he even used them. There’s no evidence that he was selling them – he just wanted them. His house looked like that hoarders program on TV,’ added Brooks to New York Daily News.

Guns were found throughout the home: rifles and shotguns piled in the living room, halls and bedrooms; handguns littering tables and countertops.

Outside, when sheriff’s investigators rolled up the door on the pre-fab metal garage, more arms spilled out at their feet.

Nicholson’s neighbors were terrified to discover Nicholson had secretly been stockpiling an arsenal of weapons. Most of the guns were said to be hunting rifles and shotguns.

Rusty Fender, who lives next door, told WBTV: ‘He’s always been a good cat, but you know, people do things.’

He also questioned if his neighbor had been planning to start a riot with the weapons.

‘I don’t understand why he done the things he done, but I’m glad it’s off the streets.’

The discovery of the weapons will raise questions as to how one man was able to collect so many guns – at a time when the country is still reeling from a slew of high profile shootings.

Police believe that the majority of the weapons were stolen.

Nicholson was arrested and charged with trafficking opium and heroin, earlier in the week.

When deputies went to serve him with a subpoena, in October, they noticed chainsaws and a welder – which matched the description of goods that had recency been reported stolen – lying ‘in plain sight’ on the front lawn.

A judge granted a search warrant and the authorities returned the next day to seize the stolen goods and weapons – many of which looked like they had been stored for several years.

Brooks said that while the suspect may have stolen some of the weapons himself, he probably bought the rest off thieves who had stolen them during home burglaries.

Nicholson was arrested and police were also planning to search his parents’ home and the liquor store where he worked with his father.


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