The silence of the pop: Bubble Wrap No Pop

Published: July 3, 2015

The silence of the pop: Bubble Wrap No Pop, Remember when you were a toddler (read: adult) and your greatest joy was receiving a package filled with protective Bubble Wrap? You didn’t even care about the object in the package. Nothing was more thrilling and delightful than spending hours stomping all over those bubbles and basking in the satisfying “pop” sounds.

It looks like we’re going to have to find a new means of entertainment. Sealed Air Corp. (the company that makes bubble wrap) has released a new version of the product. Say goodbye to Bubble Wrap and hello to iBubble Wrap…real original.

While most new versions of “i” products have consumers flocking to stores, this one’s leaving us flat. Literally. iBubble will remain flat when shipped from the factory and will then be inflated before use, thus eliminating its tiny pockets of air we all know and love.

While the new product saves an insane amount of space in delivery trucks, it ruins our fun stomping and popping game. This is because the air pockets will now be connected so that squeezing one merely shifts the air to another section.

But wait, there’s a silver lining! The classic Bubble Wrap will indeed remain in the lineup. Perhaps you’ll be one of the lucky few who receives it! It’s like finding Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. Now we have a whole new Bubble Wrap game!

Nevertheless, people are not happy about the change. Twitter-fiends are posting their sentiments on the social media platform.

It’s too bad outrage Twitter burned itself out over peas in guacamole, and so we can’t get upset about no-pop bubble wrap.

— Jesse Taylor (@jesseltaylor) July 2, 2015
Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of silence. Sad, desperate, lonely, non-bubble-wrap-popping SILENCE.

— Jeff B@AoSHQDD (@EsotericCD) July 2, 2015
What is the point of life anymore. Revamped Bubble Wrap no longer pop-able

— Kathleen Schmidt (@Bookgirl96) July 2, 2015
The 21st century is sad and bleak place –> Revamped Bubble Wrap no longer pop-able

— Mark Carrigan (@mark_carrigan) July 2, 2015
Unpoppable bubble wrap? One less reason to get out of bed in the morning

— Shawn Langlois (@slangwise) July 2, 2015


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