Super Bowl Darth Vader Commercial

Published: February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Darth Vader Commercial: One day after the Super Bowl broadcast in 2011, the Volkswagen ad Darth Vader continues to generate buzz, as is the smile Pug commercial use Doritos and a handful of others who were laughing viewers.

Max is six years appeared on the “Today” show with her mother to show people the face behind the mask of Darth Vader of the Volkswagen commercial Super Bowl.

The boy freckles nose, looking a bit like a young Mark Hamill, Matt Lauer said he had never seen Star Wars before the “Force.” Now people are asking for his autograph he said, although he figures it is mainly an appearance earlier on a soap.

Darth Vader from the VW ad went viral, the family has received thousands of messages for the young actor, who was born with a congenital heart defect and has a pacemaker, his mother said.

Elsewhere, at least one team of young filmmakers have become millionaires overnight because of their commercial 2011 Super Bowl. JR Burningham and fiancee Tess Ortbals earned one of the first places on the display of USA Today ad for “Pug Attack,” their entry in the Doritos commercial contest. The price: 1 million and a contract to make a another business later this year.

Another finalist in Doritos, Tynesha Williams won $ 400,000 for “House Sitting”, which won the No. 3 spot on the Ad Meter.

The success of amateur creations prompted some navel gazing in the world of advertising and marketing, as members thought about whether it would make professional advertising agencies moot. The answer is of course not, since most of the finalists were at least semi-professional filmmakers anyway.

Other 2011 Super Bowl feeling of love the day after the game:

* “Carma,” a cute and very effective place in which a Bridgestone driver avoids hitting a beaver on the road, and, in turn, is saved by the beaver several months later. In the vote on Adzon Hulu, he was beaten only by “force” for “the most beloved.” In fact, voters in the south and east in reality she preferred, a statement of Hulu.
* “Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber,” Best Buy Super Bowl commercial that played the confusion, the madman of rock on mobile broadband. Bieber, in a false beard, even took a chance to make fun of her own feminine traits towards the end of trading. Advertising experts told the Wall Street Journal “twinning was a perfect match” for the message chain.
* Coca-Cola Siege, “an underrated World of Warcraft-ish Super Bowl that showed the soda shoot a fire-breathing dragon in a fireworks-and-confetti for spitting part. Although it touches the middle of the gauge of the announcement, he received a rating of 81 percent positive on Fox Sports ‘2011 site advertising the Super Bowl has raised more than 440,000 times on YouTube. The commercial prompted a reader line that if Coca-Cola has used dragons instead of polar bears, he began drinking years ago.

One of the most definitive statements on this Super Bowl 2011 is the best OBTAINED likely to come in two weeks, when the voting results on the YouTube channel AdBlitz are revealed.



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