Stunt doubles fall in love: Dane Grant Dayna Mad Max Love

Published: June 12, 2015

Stunt doubles fall in love: Dane Grant Dayna Mad Max Love, While Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron admitted to a somewhat stormy working relationship on ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, it didn’t mean that love wasn’t in the air elsewhere.

The pair’s stunt doubles met on the movie’s set, and have now got married.

New Zealand-born Dane Grant, who was the rehearsal double before fellow Kiwi Jacob Tomuri took over, met wife-to-be Dayna, a 20-year stunt veteran who had previously double for Theron, while filming in the Namibian desert.

“I saw Dayna straight away – she was the only girl from New Zealand and she stood out like a sore thumb,” he told Stuff.

“I saw her bag with her name on it and my opening line was literally, ‘Hi. I see you’re Dayna. I’m Dane’. That was about it.”

But seemingly it was during a particularly close-quarters fight scene that the pair really bonded.

“So the two of us were doing this – dare I say – very S&M-type fight, it’s a love/hate mixture between these characters.

“They’re very close, there’s chains, they’re holding each other in very intimate positions, and the longer we were doing it the more we’re kind of eyeing each other up,” he added.

“We’ve said it before and it’s quite cheesy, but it really was love at first sight. While we were punching each other we were falling for each other – quite rapidly.”

Ah, bless.

Of the project, he added: “Between our budding relationship, keeping it professional when everything’s rolling, dealing with this intense shoot in the Namibian desert, going from boiling hot to freezing cold, sand storms, fatigue – it was crazy.

“But I cannot say it enough; the work that Dayna does – that everyone does on this – absolutely shines through in bucket loads. I’m so proud.”

Is it getting a bit dusty in here? Must be all that talk of the desert.
Dane Grant Dayna Mad Max Love


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