Star’s weight gain: Colin Farrell Weight Gain

Published: May 24, 2015

Star’s weight gain: Colin Farrell Weight Gain, If you’ve ever wondered how stars gain weight for a role the answer is junk food. Lots of it. Colin Farrell, who is at the Cannes Film Festival promoting his new movie “The Lobster,” said he piled on 40 pounds by eating pizza, cheeseburgers and Haagen-Dazs.

He told the Hollywood Reporter: “I would put [the ice cream] in the microwave to melt and drink it. Two cheeseburgers, fries and Coca-Colas, and two slices of chocolate cake at 10 a.m. is not that fun — and I love cheese­burgers.”

Farrell was able to gain 40 pounds in two months, and the transformation was eye opening. “It makes you aware of how you’ve identified being a certain way,” he said.

He was able to slim down again, but when the star watched himself at the film’s premiere on May 15, he was stunned at his shirtless figure, what’s now dubbed these days as a “dad bod.”

“I gasped. I’d forgotten what it looked like,” Farrell confessed.

His “Lobster” co-star John C. Reilly explained, “A dad bod is a physical manifestation of our sacrifice to our children.”

Star's weight gain: Colin Farrell Weight Gain


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