Star’s super icky confession: Adam Scott Lice

Published: June 27, 2015

Star’s super icky confession: Adam Scott Lice, Although some viewers may have found Adam Scott’s lice confession during an episode of Conan quite funny, others were probably disgusted by the actor’s admission to Jason Schwartzman that he doesn’t know whether or not he has lice.

“We’ve been traveling around the country promoting the movie for a few weeks and I feel like we’ve been spending a lot of time together which I’ve enjoyed,” Scott said. “But I need to tell you something which is…my family…I learned yesterday has lice. So I don’t know if I have lice or not.”

Initially, the crowd laughed, but the laughter subsided when Adam Scott confirmed to Conan that he was serious. As reported by Split Sider, Scott’s lice confession left Schwartzman, his co-star in the dark comedy film, The Overnight, pretty terrified.

On Thursday, Adam was sitting next to Schwartzman when he admitted that his wife and both of his kids tested positive for lice.

“I have yet to be checked because we’ve been out running around promoting the movie,” Scott admitted. After hearing the news, Schwartzman moved over in his seat and gave the following response.

“Really? They truly have lice? Oh my God… That’s terrible news… I’ve been with you the last two weeks all the time. We’ve put our heads together often… I’m so afraid of lice.”


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