Starbucks Mobile App Scam

Published: May 16, 2015

Starbucks Mobile App Scam, Some Starbucks customers are being targeted by hackers. They are tapping into Starbucks’ mobile app for smartphones, and stealing from those customers’ bank accounts.

Starbucks officials are saying it is not their fault, denying the hackers have breached their mobile app, which as you might expect is stirring up controversy.

Instead, Starbucks is blaming the security breaches on their customers’ lackadaisical password practices.
Hackers are using high technology to hijack consumers’ credit cards, gift cards, and PayPal accounts that are linked to Starbucks’ mobile app, especially those with an auto-reload feature.

With the auto-reload, once your Starbucks account balance gets down to zero, it automatically withdraws a set amount from your credit card or checking account.

If a hacker steals your account number or user name they don’t even need to know your password to hack into your auto-reload.

Starbucks released a statement saying, in part, fraudulent use of customers’ mobile app is “primarily caused when criminals obtain reused names and passwords from other sites and attempt to apply that information to Starbucks”.

“To protect their security, customers are encouraged to use different user names and passwords for different sites, especially those that keep financial information.”

Security experts say the solution is simple: they are advising Starbucks mobile app users to disable their auto-reload feature, which will minimize the chances their account will get hacked.

Starbucks, for their part, is encouraging app users to change their passwords often.


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