Spouse most likely to cheat?: Husbands Female Breadwinners

Published: June 2, 2015

Spouse most likely to cheat?: Husbands Female Breadwinners, Female breadwinners, especially those who didn’t set out to make most of their family’s income, have been found to feel less satisfied about their lives, based on a survey by Working Mother Media.

And now, the findings of a new study about infidelity will probably give these breadwinners more cause for concern.

It’s tough to know precisely how many people cheat in their marriages, because many might not admit it in surveys, but researchers estimate that between 20% to 25% of married men and between 10% and 15% of married women have engaged in an extramarital relationship.

This new study, showcased in the June issue of the American Sociological Review, found that men who are 100% economically dependent on their spouses were most at risk for cheating, three times more at risk than women married to male breadwinners.

While, on average, women who are completely financially dependent on their husbands face about a 5% chance that they will stray, there is about a 15% chance that a man married to a female breadwinner will cheat, the study concluded.


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