Sisters kidnapped to exploit: Lyon Sisters Exploit

Published: July 17, 2015

Sisters kidnapped to exploit: Lyon Sisters Exploit, we’re learning more tonight about what could have led to the kidnapping and killing of the lyon sisters. the man charged with the murders of katherine and sheila lyon says the crime was motiviated by his uncle, who wanted to “sexually exploit” t girls. wdbj7’s tim saunders is live at the bedford county sheriff’s office. tim, what else is the uncle accused of doing? jean, the sheriff here in bedford county says richard welch was seen sexually assaulting one of the lyon sisters after the kidnapping. those statements were made by welch’s nephew, lloyd lee welch, who was charged with first degree murder yesterday in connection with the lyon sisters’ death. at a news conference this afternoon, police and prosecutors said they need more information from the public to verify these claims. members of the welch family have been repeatedly brought in for questioning and, while some have been cooperative, officers say some information is still being withheld. bedford commonwealth’s attorney randy krantz, who will eventually have to prosecute this case in court, is pleading with the public for information. randy krantz/bedford commonwealth’s attorney: “those tha have been involved in the actual crimes, or in the recent cover ups, obstruction, non-cooperation, here’s what i would say: examine your conscience.” krantz says richard welch continues to be a primary person of interest in the lyon sisters case. welch’s wife, patricia, is currently facing a perjury charge for giving false statements to a grand jury that’s investigating the lyon’s case. i caught up with richard welch’s attorney to get his side of the story. find out what he had to say coming up new at six.


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