Serial Returns Bowe: ‘Serial’ Returns

Published: December 10, 2015

Serial Returns Bowe: ‘Serial’ Returns, The podcast phenomenon Serial has returned as a high-profile platform for Bowe Bergdahl, the US army sergeant who spent five years in Taliban captivity after vanishing from his post in Afghanistan, to speak publicly about his alleged desertion for the first time.

The first episode appeared on the podcast’s website early Thursday morning. Titled DUSTWUN, it begins by examining a video of Bergdahl’s release.

The podcast opens by describing a video, produced by the Taliban and played by nearly every major newscast at the time, of Bergdahl, head shaved and blinking in the sun, boarding a Black Hawk helicopter with US soldiers.

The story then cuts to pundits after questions about Bergdahl’s disappearance arose.

“Pentagon sources tell NBC that Bergdahl vanished under mysterious circumstances,” one announcer said. He, “left his base unarmed”, said another. Then, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s voice is heard: “In the old days, deserters were shot.”

The last voice is an unfamiliar one: Bergdahl’s.

“The very last thing is, just, I’m a prisoner. I want to go home. Bring me home, please. Bring me home.”

The episode then launches into the political fallout that came as Bergdahl was released to the United States.


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