Scout freak accident: Boy Scout Leader Rocket

Published: November 17, 2015

Scout freak accident: Boy Scout Leader Rocket, A big crowd gathered for the annual Boy Scouts of America Rocket Rave event as homemade and commercial built rockets blast into the sky.

Michael Bentley was in the crowd to watch a friend launch his entry.

That’s when things went terribly wrong.

The Press Enterprise reports Bentley, “lost sight of it before it came down on his face as he looked up.” A highway patrol helicopter quickly flew Bentley to a nearby hospital, but he died in surgery a short time later.

The Sheriff’s Department wouldn’t specify the size of the rocket that hit Bentley, but a caller to 911 described it as a “bottle rocket.” Research shows Boy Scout model rocket kits average 1-3-feet with wood or plastic tips.

Bentley was a longtime scout leader whom Council executive Joseph Daniszewski remembered as, “a great Scouter and a really great man.”

Research shows most Boy Scout rockets average 1-3 feet in length with plastic or wooden tips. The size of the rocket that killed Bentley isn’t known.

“It’s just a tragedy,” Daniszewski concluded.


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