Scotch Whisky Shortage Feared

Published: December 4, 2011

Scotch Whisky Shortage Feared, The Scotch whiskey industry is like the Titanic. It is great, famous, and awash in money and sees plenty of action in the North Atlantic. The Scotch whisky industry and the Titanic also share a significant challenge to respond quickly to adversity.

In the case of Titanic, it was a product of enormous size of the vessel and the resulting momentum; any fan of James Cameron can tell you that this momentum, it was difficult to avoid icebergs. The industry of the weariness of whiskey, on the other hand, is a function of time of its product aging time. The Johnnie Walker Blue Glenfidditch or you buy at your local liquor store was originally produced over a decade, and then painstakingly aged in oak barrels. This long maturation process means that peak demand for whiskey cannot be immediately offset by a corresponding increase in supply.

According to the Guardian, the demand for Scotch doping now, thanks to an expanding middle-class Asian and Latin American and a gradual reduction of import tariffs on whiskey. These factors have led some in the industry feared a serious shortage in the supply of whiskey – one that will be difficult or impossible to meet the short term.

Another factor that may contribute to the problem, at least on the road, is drought last year in Scotland. Last summer, farmers in Islay reported difficulties in obtaining enough fresh water to the puree, which eventually becomes Scotch whiskey.

It is difficult to say how many drinkers should be concerned about the possibility of a shortage, however. Producers have been sounding the alarm for years – could they be crying wolf to try to justify higher prices?


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