School warns on Doritos: Doritos Warning School

Published: July 17, 2015

School warns on Doritos: Doritos Warning School, A school has banned new crisps which are 10 times hotter than jalapeno chillis after they affected a pupil’s breathing.

Bags of Doritos Roulette contain a mixture of regular crisps and extra-spicy ones which makers boast ‘will leave you close to tears’.

But the George Pindar School in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, has banned the bags from its site after a youngster was taken ill.

The crisps were launched in April and one in every handful is coated with a fiery flavouring which measures 78,000 units on the Scoville Heat Scale.

A school spokesman said it brought in the ban ‘after an incident with a student where they had experienced some difficulty breathing after eating one’.

The spokesman added: ‘The student had a pre-existing respiratory condition which clearly made them sensitive to the hot element of the Doritos chip.’

The incident has led to concern among parents, many of whom support the school’s stance.

One parent said: ‘You don’t want to be putting something in your children’s packed lunches that’s going to leave them unwell. It’s good the school are doing something about it.’

The crisps’ launch was surrounded by a huge marketing push, with makers claiming they are the hottest crisp ever to be sold in the UK.

A Doritos spokesperson said: ‘We were sorry to hear about what happened. We do warn people to expect a seriously spicy experience with Doritos Roulette and we make this clear on the pack and in our adverts.

‘The front of the pack states “Warning: Some of these chips are ultra spicy”, while we also say that Doritos Roulette are not recommended for young children.’

School warns on Doritos: Doritos Warning School


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