School: ‘No hungry kids’: School Defends Firing Hungry Kids

Published: June 6, 2015

School: ‘No hungry kids’: School Defends Firing Hungry Kids, “There are no hungry kids.” A Cherry Creek School District spokesperson defended the district’s actions in firing an elementary school kitchen manager for allegedly feeding students who couldn’t afford lunch. The news of Della Curry’s firing broke Tuesday and made it around the world by Wednesday night.

“It has nothing to do with her giving free food to hungry kids?” Tom Mustin, a reporter for our sister station KCNC, asked Tustin Amole.

The district spokesperson said no.

“We feed every child,” Amole responded. She told Mustin that Curry’s firing had nothing to do with giving students free food.

But Curry says that’s exactly why she was fired last week.

“I had a first grader in front of me crying that she doesn’t have enough money for lunch. Yes, I gave her lunch. … I’ll own that I broke the law. The law needs to change,” she said.

Curry told KCNC she paid for many lunches out of her own pocket.

The school she worked for, Dakota Valley Elementary in Aurora, said they provide hot meals to students the first three times lunch money is forgotten. The fourth time, they’ll give the student a cheese sandwich and milk–which Curry says isn’t a sufficient meal.

The district says Curry is misleading the public about her firing, which has drawn scathing criticism from across the country.

It is so unfortunate that she is able to provide inaccurate information that I can’t address because of state privacy issues,” Amole told KCNC. “There are a number of documented issues that would have led to the action that we took.”

Amole told KCNC she could only go into specifics if Curry gave permission to release her personnel file.

Curry says the district is trying to protect itself.

“Which is fine,” she told Mustin. “But all I can tell you is the truth,”

Curry is now in New York, where she’s taking part in a series of interviews. She told Mustin she hopes her inadvertent fame can lead to “real change” on a national level.


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One Response to “School: ‘No hungry kids’: School Defends Firing Hungry Kids”

  1. karen on June 6th, 2015 11:48 am

    Something really wrong in this country, when children are going hungry! I support this person 100% , I would done same thing. My mother back in 60s & 70s worked for a program that was government funded that all grade and middle schools provided FREE MEALS, for all children regardless of income. The provided breakfast cereal, fruit and milk. Lunch was soup, sandwiches, chips, carrots sticks, cooking fruit and milk. Hot meal menus as well. I can tell you any unused food at these schools EVEN today is put in the trash, or taken home by the kitchen staff for their own use.

    We have such a screwed up government systems where we give tax dollars money to every country in the world who has their hand out yet we cannot have Government Programs in place to provide for our children’s futures. FREE FOOD PROGRAMS, FREE MEDICAL AND DENTAL CARE, to the age of 19 years, regardless of income. It ok is disgusting that we have a moron ( Obama) in office who has no clue how to run a country, to busy feeding his ego and the first lady to busy spending our tax dollars on personal vacations and screwing up the school lunch programs. Both of them are a embarrassment to our nation. I would like to see the Catholic church open up their purses and do more in the communities like they did years ago. They have billions of dollars and do not invest in the communities any more.

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