Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Published: January 24, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was a pretty revolutionary device. It sported dual-sided display for aesthetic and design purposes and compared to the simultaneously released Galaxy S6, people naturally ended up favoring this device.

However, this feature came with a unique functionality as well. In terms of looks, the Galaxy S7 will not differ from the Galaxy S6 Edge in many ways. It will simply be slightly refined from the previous generation device.

According to one of the latest rumors, the S7 will be slightly bigger than the S6 and will come with a 5.5inch display. This will make it distinguish from the S6 Edge which had a 5.1inch display. However, it had a larger counterpart in terms of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

The S7 Edge will be noticeably bigger and this will make it great for watching videos but worse when you think about carrying it in the pocket.

Naturally, it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a dual-sided display and this means that it will be sloping on the left and right hand sides. Furthermore, there will be ways in which it can be improved over the previous device displays. From a visual standpoint, there won’t be too many differences.

Reports indicate that the Galaxy S series won’t feature any 4K displays just yet. The S7 Edge display will have the same QHD display like its predecessor. When it comes to software, the S7 Edge will have many differences compared to its predecessor. The S6 Edge came with its own set of software features.

All of these new features came with the new curved display. According to some people, these were simply novelty additions and nothing more. However, it would be surprising if Samsung decides not to update the Galaxy S7 with many improved features. This has been done each year with the Galaxy Note’s Air Command Software.

According to the latest reports, some of the less-used features will be discarded while others will be improved and some new additions will be included.

Rumors indicate that a new software option is currently in the works and this includes a moving-photos style option and this is actually similar to what appeared on the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. The mechanism works by recording 1.5 seconds footage before and after the photo in order to turn it into a short video.


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