Russian sub found?: Submarine Wreck Sweden

Published: July 28, 2015

Russian sub found?: Submarine Wreck Sweden, -The Swedish military said Tuesday that a wrecked submarine discovered recently just off the country’s east coast did belong to Russia but has been lying on the sea bed for almost a century.

The vessel found last week by a team of Swedish divers is the “Som,” a Russian submarine which sank in 1916, during the World War I, Sweden’s Armed Forces said in a statement.

The announcement from Sweden’s military came amid intense speculation in Nordic media that the vessel was related to a submarine hunt the Swedish Navy conducted in October last year.

At the time, the navy spent days searching for foreign submarines in the waters off its east coast after several witnesses reported sightings of suspicious craft.

An investigation by Swedish authorities concluded a month later that a foreign submarine had illegally entered Swedish waters, but were unable to confirm the nationality of the vessel.

Sweden’s military said Tuesday that footage of the sunken submarine provided by Ocean X Team, a group of shipwreck hunters, offered sufficient indications pointing to the vessel’s identity and origin. The military said it saw no pressing need for a deeper technical analysis, adding the wreckage was more of interest to war historians and marine archaeologists.


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