Rare public appearance: Fidel Castro Cheese-Makers

Published: July 6, 2015

Rare public appearance: Fidel Castro Cheese-Makers, Former Cuban President Fidel Castro returned to public activity in Havana on Friday after several months, according to images released Saturday by the official newspaper “Granma”.

Castro, 88, visited the Food Industry Research Institute in the neighborhood of Guatao in the Havana district of La Lisa, the newspaper reported.

The former president “had an extensive exchange of more than four hours with 19 cheese masters” during his visit, said “Granma”. Castro showed interest in the problems facing the food industry on the island, said the newspaper.

In Cuba, for decades cheese has been a luxury item in short supply with most of the production going to the tourism industry. Milk production has also been far from sufficient to meet demand.

The last time Fidel was photographed in public was when he visited a school back in April. In May he received visiting French President Francois Hollande at his home in Havana.

Castro withdrew from power in 2006 with a serious illness after ruling the island for almost 50 years and is rarely seen in public. However he often receives high level foreign guests at his home in western Havana.

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Moses Patterson
To anyone who has never been to Cuba or for the casual tourist who spends two weeks a year in Varadero, this post seems reasonable. Ex-dictator does photo-op with cheesemakers. But to Cubans who live abroad or anyone who has actually lived in Cuba, this post should make you sick to your stomach. First of all, Cuban “cheese” sucks. The 10 peso cubano pizzas that you buy on the street drip this cheese on the paper they serve it on and it leaves a greasy spot like no cheese I have ever seen before or since. As far as I know there is only one style of cheese made in Cuba. Why these guys would be called Cheese Masters is hilarious. During the Special Period, Cuban urban legend says that melted condoms were used as a cheese substitute on pizzas and Cuban sandwiches. True or not, the cheese in Cuba today probably tastes the same as the condom version.

The Facilitator
Where are the close-minded Americans who have been saying for the last 20 years that Castro was dying…….perhaps, they meant the anti-Castro of Miami and their sycophants in Congress

Kennedy Earle Clarke
Leaders were born, not made. People like Fidel are a special ilk, a special creation a special breed of people who will always leave their mark upon on the world scene.The epitaph on his tomb stone will read like that of Euripides a Famous Greek writer, “This monument does not make you famous oh Euripides, but thou make this monument Famous. Fidel’s will read, This monument does not make you Famous oh Comrade Fidel but, instead, you make this monument Famous.” The world will pay respect to the passing of the other world leaders who will be forgotten the next day, for they have made no tangible contribution to the development of mankind; they made no sacrifices; they did not reach out and touch. They did not make a difference. they continued the degradation of their brothers and sisters for their own personal and their friend’s personal aggrandizement while the wretched of the earth dwelled in squalor. He forfeited his Life of Privilege and came down to fight for the cause of the wretched. Doesn’t this sound like a Biblical story of a MAN who left His Kingly Home to travel to earth to rectify the horrific conditions which existed then. He was crucified on a cross for stepping up to the defense of the poor downtrdden people. For stepping up to the plate in defense of the wretched of Cuba and the rest of the world, Fidel has been crucified by the media. They who have dealt with the worst dictators of the world have turned around and blasted Fidel, his brother Raul, Mugabe, Chavez, Maduro,and all the other leaders who fight or work in the interest of the ordinary peoples of the world as the worst dictators on the face of the earth. Nelson Mandela was labelled a terrorist for fighting for the dignity of the Black people in South Africa. He was branded a terrorist, he was jailed for 27 years, while the real terrorist who bombed a Cubana Airline walks the streets of Miam free as a bird. How can you educate people, teach them to think and then turn around and suppress them? Real dictators do not educate their people; they keep them in ignorance, they keep them in poverty; for, by keeping them there, they can easily be fooled, exploited and oppressed. Long live leaders like Fidel Castro. May they aleays be a thorn in the side of all the exploiters and oppressors of the world.


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