Rally outside mosque: Islamic Center Irving

Published: November 23, 2015

Rally outside mosque: Islamic Center Irving, The Islamic Center in Irving, Texas, was the site of a dozen armed American protesters on Saturday. The protesters that surrounded the Islamic Center were stating that they wanted an end to the “Islamization of America.” The armed protest came on the heels of rumors about the incoming Syrian refugees and the fear that sharia law would be coming to American cities. The protest was put together by David Wright. Wright spoke with the Dallas Morning News and claims that the weapons the protesters are carrying are for “self-protection,” and then Wright said, “we do want to show force. We’re not sitting ducks.”

Irving, Texas, was in the media spotlight earlier in 2015 due to Ahmed Mohamed. Mohamed was the teenage boy who made national news for bringing a clock into his school that was mistaken to be a bomb. Mohamed has since moved, with his family, to Qatar after receiving an offer from the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development.

The group that David Wright is part of is known as Bureau of American Islamic Relations. Wright’s group organized outside of the Islamic Center due to rumors that were being reported online and around the town of Irving. The rumors that were being heard were that the Islamic Center was operating a sharia court inside of the mosque and that the Islamic Center would be taking in refugees from war-torn Syria. Wright also claims that Beth Duyne, the mayor of Irving, was receiving death threats from Muslims in town. These claims were investigated by the Dallas Morning News and they were not able to substantiate any of the claims made by Wright.

In the video seen below, a man dressed all in black can be seen walking to the protest site with a rifle in his hands. It appears that the protesters who had their faces covered are the ones who were armed on Saturday. You can see another man in camo, who had his face covered, was also armed. The Islamic Center put up a statement on their Facebook page.


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