Promising AIDS vaccine: New AIDS Vaccine

Published: July 4, 2015

Promising AIDS vaccine: New AIDS Vaccine, A new experimental AIDS vaccine from Johnson & Johnson is creating shockwaves throughout the medical community after a successful study using monkeys. According to a report from Bloomberg, the vaccine protected roughly half of the monkeys from the virus in test trials.

The vaccine successfully protected six out of twelve monkeys who were infected with a version of AIDS that affects primates. The study, published on Thursday in the journal Science, suggests that the vaccine may be ready for large-scale human trials quite soon.

Johnson and Johnson has been testing the vaccine on a small group of 400 volunteers in the U.S., Thailand, South Africa, Uganda, and Rwanda since 2009. They expect to see results form the study next year.

The race to create a viable AIDS vaccine has proven quite difficult because of the virus’s ability to adapt and develop drug resistance. So far, only four vaccines have made it far enough to test on humans, and only one showed any sign of being effective. Companies have been wary of developing new vaccines after a shot from Merck & Co. showed signs of increasing the risk of contracting the disease.

The new vaccine smuggles three HIV proteins into the body via a cold-causing virus. This primes the immune system, causing it to generate antibodies that are bolstered by purified HIV proteins that enhance the response.

Six monkeys in the most recent trial remained HIV-free after receiving the treatment. Monkeys who received a placebo all contracted the disease. The vaccine could help millions of people avoid HIV infection, and scientists are eager to continue testing the vaccine.

New AIDS Vaccine


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