Penn Jillette 120: Illusionist’s 120-Lb. Loss

Published: December 11, 2015

Penn Jillette 120: Illusionist’s 120-Lb. Loss, Penn Jillette is getting attention for his 120-pound weight loss. The illusionist has been shrinking before everyone’s eyes and he’s ready to share how he did it.

Jillette isn’t a fan of moderation. He even said if he ever did indulge in alcohol or drugs, he’d use them to the point that he’d be a full-blown addict. So, when he wanted to lose weight after a realizing he was in danger of a stroke at 330-pounds last year, he was ready to commit to a drastic change.

In the beginning, doctors wanted to perform surgery on the 6-foot-6-inch-tall magician. Jillette had a more “radical” idea, according to Yahoo. He enlisted the help of a former NASA scientist – Ray Cronise – to help him make extreme changes in his diet. The process by which Penn Jillette’s 120-pound weight loss happened also involved tech gadgets.

Between the technology and adhering to a strict diet, Jillette lost 120-pounds in four months. He plans to unveil how he did it with a series of videos coming out in January.

One of the first things Jillette did was buy a Withings smart scale – as advised by “Cray Ray.”

Penn said he thought a scale was a scale, but this was a different approach altogether.

“Cray Ray said the first thing you gotta do is buy this scale,” Penn said. “I thought a scale is a scale is a scale. I know what I weigh. I got scales. I got one of those fancy doctor ones where you slide the things along. He says, ‘No, no, this is different. It talks to the Web.’ It sounds like the difference is unimportant. But, you know, we’ve learned over the past 30 years that the things that talk to the Web — whether that is naked women, ISIS, or a scale — once they talk to the Web, things change.”

Penn Jillette’s weight showed up on Cronise’s phone whenever he stepped on it. He said this made all the difference. Add to that, Jillette reeled in more friends to use the Withings scale to record their weight loss with him. He said spawned somewhat of a “cult” for everyone to see who could lose weight the quickest.

“We became this coven of late-middle-aged obsessive men who are living, breathing, and thinking about how much weight we lost today,” Penn said. “It was like starting a band. The wacky thing was, just a simple technological thing of a scale that talks to the Web allowed me to tap into an unpleasant cult mentality and use that as a positive thing.”

Jillette also depended on the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor. It helped him learn that several medications he was on was actually killing him. The doctor directed him to stop taking the drugs. He’s now medication-free, according to the report.

Aside from relying on high-tech gadgets introduced to Penn by a NASA scientist, the 60-year-old has radically modified his diet as well.

“I adopted what, in its simplest terms, is called an evidence-based diet,” he says. “I eat whole plants. That’s the whole answer. No animal products, no olive oil, no salt, no sugar, no refined grains. You end up being a hippie, but for very different reasons.”

He said after eating so clean, traditional foods like what people at Thanksgiving seemed “disgusting” to him.

Penn Jillette owes his weight loss to enjoying it with his “co-conspirators.” It’s a bit of a challenge to everyone and Jillette finds himself eager to continue eating well and monitoring what he consumes.

“The thing no one ever told me is that this weight loss stuff can be fun,” he says. “Like building a ship in a bottle or learning the exact, perfect bass line to ‘Sister Ray’ by the Velvet Underground.”

Penn doesn’t miss pizza because he says he and his friends are obsessed with being the “perfect weight.”


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