Paris link probed: Paris Attacks German Dealer

Published: November 27, 2015

Paris link probed: Paris Attacks German Dealer, Police in Germany believe they may have caught the man who sold Isis extremists the Kalashnikovs used to kill 130 people in Paris.

The investigation was continuing as authorities in neighbouring Belgium charged a sixth suspect in relation to the atrocity a fortnight ago.

The unidentified man stands accused of committing “terrorist attacks and taking part in the activities of a terrorist group”, the country’s federal prosecutor said today.

Meanwhile, German police are investigating whether an arrested arms dealer may have sold four of the assault rifles used in the Paris attacks.

A statement from the Stuttgart public prosecutor said the unnamed 24-year-old man was a German national from Magstadt, in south-western Germany.

A spokesperson said the originally unrelated investigation started when the man was found to be converting legal starter pistols into live firearms and selling them on the internet.

“A search of his home on 23 November uncovered more firearms,” he added.


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