Orcas on the chase: Killer Whales Chase Boat

Published: September 17, 2015

Orcas on the chase: Killer Whales Chase Boat, Two fishermen have recorded the moment a pod of 30 orcas chase their boat off the coast of San Diego.

The entire exchange was caught on camera by the pair as they travelled out to sea at dawn for a day fishing.

In the footage, the whales can be seen rearing up and crashing back into the water just a few feet away from the boat.

Although the fishermen are at first alarmed – they soon become brave enough to put the camera underwater to film the incredible creatures swimming alongside them.

One of the men on board, who only gave his first name Ben, said: ‘Todd and I left San Diego Bay at dawn [last Thursday] to go offshore spearfishing/fishing on Todd’s 20 foot [fishing boat].

‘About five miles off Point Loma, we saw the animals but couldn’t determine exactly what they were until they approached our boat.

‘There was a pod of about 30 of them, young and old, small and large.’

Despite being a fearsome predator in the ocean, orcas are known to be social and there are numerous instances of humans having close encounters with the whales.

Last month, New Zealander Nathan Pettigrew released footage of himself paddling alongside a pod of six orcas.

Carving through the pristine sky-blue waters of New Zealand’s Tauranga Harbour, he spent twenty minutes observing the immense predators, as they majestically swam beside him.

‘I saw some large black fins come out of the water about 100 metres in front of me, so I stopped’, Mr Pettigrew told Daily Mail Australia.

What followed was a beautiful interaction between man and the ocean, as a ‘boisterous, cheeky teenage’ orca swam upside-down underneath his vessel, in an encounter he described as ‘amazing’.

Orcas on the chase: Killer Whales Chase Boat


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