Obama witnesses tantrum: Toddler Tantrum Obama

Published: May 24, 2015

Obama witnesses tantrum: Toddler Tantrum Obama, The toddler who was caught mid-tantrum in front of President Barack Obama is usually a ‘very nice girl’, it’s been revealed.

When little two-year-old Claudia Chaudhary pounded out her frustrations into the White House carpet on Passover, all the Commander-in-Chief could do is raise his hands in helplessness.

But Claudia’s uncle, New York Times writer Benjamin Moser, said that his niece was left overwhelmed by the amount of people at the reception before the Passover Seder.

‘She’s a very nice girl and not a brat or anything. She was just having a moment,’ he told Daily Mail Online.

Kicking up a fuss: Claudia Chaudhary is pictured above having a tantrum in front of President Obama in the White House’s Red Room during a reception before this year’s annual Passover Seder

He added that Claudia and her six-year-old brother Leo ‘grew up going to the White House’, because their father, Arun Chaudhary, was a videographer on Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and later became part of the president’s administration.

Chaudhary is now a campaign consultant while his wife, Laura Moser, is a writer and journalist, who contributes to outlets including the Wall Street Journal.

Claudia’s tantrum came to light Thursday when her uncle Benjamin and her mother Laura shared pictures of the little girl in full flow.

A bemused Michelle Obama also looks on in the snap, taken by White House photograph Pete Souza at the event in April.

Another toddler, as well as Claudia’s parents, stand by as she lies face-down on the Red Room’s carpet. Having raised two daughters of his own, Obama seems unfazed by the tantrum.

Meanwhile: The episode came at the White House’s annual Passover dinner in April – pictured above. The image of Claudia only came to light this week

Tradition: The Obamas have held the event annually since the president’s 2008 campaign, where he and his staff had Seder in the basement of a motel in Pennsylvania

Benjamin Moser said that his sister’s family goes to the White House Seder every year.

He added that last year he had to keep little Leo, then five, from ‘running wild’ during the pre-dinner reception.

‘They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do,’ he said, adding that Obama did not act surprised by the tantrum. ‘He is around kids a lot so he gets it.’

At the annual dinner the President and his guests ate chicken soup with matzoh balls, beef brisket with sautéed onions and radishes and roasted sweet potatoes.

For dessert there was a triple chocolate cake and a selection of macaroons.

Benjamin Moser said the dinner became a tradition during Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

‘They were somewhere in Pennsylvania and all the Jewish kids got together and had Seder in the basement of some motel somewhere, and Senator Obama came down and joined them,’ he said. ‘And instead of saying “Next year in Jerusalem” it was “Next year in the White House”.’

Claudia is not the first child to struggle to behave in front of the most powerful man on earth.

The child of an unnamed Secret Service agent had some fun in the Oval Office when he dived into one of the President’s sofas as his mom and dad spoke to Obama.

Meanwhile another child made an impression by jumping onto the floor while the President was at a café in Rochester, New York, speaking about education in 2013.

Nosedive: This unnamed child of a Secret Service agent took a leap at an Oval Office sofa behind the President’s back

Obama witnesses tantrum: Toddler Tantrum Obama


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