Nurses slam ‘View’ hosts: The View Nurse

Published: September 17, 2015

Nurses slam ‘View’ hosts: The View Nurse, It was an unusual turn to your typical pageant: a Miss America contestant entered the stage wearing medical scrubs and a stethoscope, and told a slightly sad, yet inspiring and honest story about being a nurse.

Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson’s monologue during the talent portion of the contest touched many, some who work in the field, and others who have been given care by a nurse in times of crises.

But biting comments from hosts of The View, who mocked her monologue and wondered why she was wearing a stethoscope, have not gone over well.

Tweets by one of the talk show’s hosts during the pageant foreshadowed the storm that would follow:

Miss Colorado couldn’t even fake her way through a song. She basically memorized an e-mail.

— Michelle Collins (@michcoll) September 14, 2015

On Monday while discussing the pageant, host Michelle Collins said Johnson “basically read her emails out loud and shockingly did not win.”

“Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on?” host Joy Behar asked.

The Internet quickly made its feelings clear:

hey @JoyVBehar -every day as a NICU nurse, the doctor comes in on rounds and BORROWS MY stethoscope. #nursesunite #mytalentisnursing

— PedsNurse13 (@pedsnurse13) September 16, 2015

#nursesunite NICU nurses with our “nurse stethoscopes”.

— Darlene Watts (@bdarlenewatts) September 15, 2015

It’s very obvious the ladies on The View do NOT have the compassion, wisdom or respect for human dignity to be “just a nurse.” #nursesunite

— Priscilla (@Pris635) September 15, 2015

When ur watching .@JoyVBehar attempt to talk politics, remember she didn’t understand why a nurse would have a stethoscope. #nursesunite

— Brittany Pounders (@LibertyBritt) September 15, 2015

Incredibly disappointed in @TheView for their comments made about nurses. #NursesUnite #NursesMatter

— Emily Ingram (@Ingram1980) September 15, 2015

Lastly, @MissColorado1 your monologue was not “hilarious” as described by #TheView It was a powerful & needed message.Thank you #nursesunite


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