No More Facebook Deals

Published: August 30, 2011

No More Facebook Deals, It seems hardly time ago that we were first bringing you news about Facebook offers a marketing tool developed by Facebook to attract customers and also to repay them. But today’s news is that Facebook offers is not that Facebook has decided to close after only four months of tests.

A statement issued by Facebook says: “After testing tenders for four months, we decided to end our product offerings in the coming weeks,” said Alistair Barr of Reuters. When Job was first launched in April, Groupon looked set to rival, but the offers did not work daily and who must surely be music to the ears of Groupon rivals and social life.

Offers when started, offers were first available in five U.S. cities with a sales team liaising with retailers and local suppliers. Other companies treat daily have also been taken on board has run, but in a surprise decision backing of Facebook is adding daily market deals in his statement: “We believe there is a lot of power in a social approach the conduct of persons in local businesses. We learned a lot from our testing and we will continue to assess the best way to serve local businesses. ”

Some industry insiders have been less surprised by the news. Vinicius Vacanti, co-founder of, which tracks and aggregates the daily market deals, said: “It is astonishing that Facebook treats over their product after only four months. On the other hand, Facebook offers a product and was the disappointing experience. “Vacanti went on to say that this does not mean that the daily market processes was no longer viable, but suggested that the major social media and high technology companies could not expect to simply not on the market, without planning advance more.

Facebook has also said it still intends to move forward with projects such as Announcements, Pages, Sponsored Stories and check-in offers, and was committed to working with local businesses. With Groupon towards a $ 750 million IPO offerings Facebook departure could not have come at a better time for the company.


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