Newt Gingrich Penguin

Published: April 18, 2012

Newt Gingrich Penguin, We’ve all been fed up with a celebrity at one time or another, but harassment laws prevent us from doing anything other than rolling our eyes when they’re on the Today Show and refusing to buy Cosmo when they appear on the cover. For animals, it’s a different story. They can hiss and bite with impunity and people excuse their behavior just because they’re literally incapable of knowing any better.

The latest victim is presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. Apparently, being named after a member of the animal kingdom didn’t win him any points with the residents of the St. Louis Zoo. The Associated Press reports that on Tuesday, “During his visit to the popular zoo in Forest Park, he was treated to a behind-the-scenes visit with two Magellanic penguins. One of them nipped Gingrich on the finger.”

Gingrich only needed a small Band-Aid, but the attack left many unanswered questions. Is the penguin a staunch Romney supporter, or are Gingrich’s fingers just magically delicious? Whatever the reason, animal attacks are turning into a disturbing trend. PETA may be working to protect animals from heartless, fur-wearing celebrities, but no one stuck up for these stars during their vicious (and possibly deserved) run-ins with nature.


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