New York Times Clinton Kasich: Times’ Endorsements

Published: January 31, 2016

New York Times Clinton Kasich: Times’ Endorsements, In a Saturday editorial, the New York Times threw their weight behind Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich — but you might never know it if you had only skimmed its first paragraphs.

That’s because the newspaper of record devoted its opening lines to lambasting the rest of the Republican field, with front-runners Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz featuring prominently in the attacks. Kasich’s name, in contrast, first appears in the sixth paragraph of the editorial.

“The battle to be the Republican choice for president has been nasty, brutish and anything but short,” the Times began, before going on to blast Trump and Cruz as “equally objectionable for different reasons.”

“Mr. Trump has neither experience in nor interest in learning about national security, defense or global trade,” the editorial board penned. “From deporting Mexican immigrants and barring Muslims to slapping a 45 percent tariff on Chinese imports, Mr. Trump invents his positions as he goes along.”

Of Cruz, the Times labeled his campaign one of “ambition,” rather than “constitutional principles.”

“Whether he’s threatening to ‘carpet bomb’ Syrian villages or pitching a phony ‘flat tax’ that would batter middle-class consumers, Mr. Cruz will say anything to win,” the editorial said. “The greater worry is that he’d follow words with action.”


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