New colors for Kiwis: New Zealand New Flag

Published: December 12, 2015

New colors for Kiwis: New Zealand New Flag, BK’s Settlers Motor Lodge owners Wayne and Debbie Mitchell have been flying Kyle Lockwood’s winning black, white and blue flag design outside their business for the past six weeks.

The black, white and blue flag design has been flying outside Wayne and Debbie Mitchell’s motel in Ulster St, Hamilton, for the past six weeks.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the flag the couple want to have representing New Zealand.

The design by Kyle Lockwood, which features the silver fern and the Southern Cross, was selected as the most favoured design ahead of its red, white and blue sister design, also created by Lockwood.

Allan Carter, of Ngaruawahia, builder: “I think I might have voted for the one that got the nod. I can’t really remember. I might be voting for the current flag in the next [referendum], but really, I don’t have strong views. I don’t mind which way it goes.”

Catherine Wakelin, of Tamahere, administration: “I’m not sure whether to go with the advice of my 12-year-old son, and stick with the flag we have now, or my 15-year-old daughter, who is keen on change after John Key came and spoke to her school. I’m still undecided, although I do know that my husband will be voting for change.”

Robyn Jackson, of Hamilton, volunteer worker: “I voted a non-vote. I just wrote 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 in each of the boxes. It was a terrible selection. I don’t think any of them made any sort of powerful statement at all. A flag should speak to the reality behind it, and for that reason I will be voting for the current flag, rather than something that means nothing.”

Caron Thompson, of Te Kuiti, freezing worker: “I can’t remember which one I voted for. I just went with eenie meenie miney moe. I probably voted for that dumb-arse design that won. When it comes to the next vote, I’ll be sticking with the current flag, and I will be helping make sure most Maori vote to keep the old flag, too.”

Craig Phillips, of Rototuna, telecommunications technician: “They did it arse-about-face, really. They should have asked it we wanted to change the flag we have as the first step. It’s a cunning ploy by the government, I think. It was a poor selection. That Red Peak design – what is that supposed to represent? I’ll be going for the current one next time.”

It will go up against the current New Zealand flag in the next flag referendum, to be held in March 2016.

“Our preference is the current flag,” said Wayne Mitchell, who with his wife has owned the BK’s Settlers Motor Lodge for the past year. “But we decided to fly this flag because we really wanted to become involved in the referendum process.

“We actually purchased it from a young man who was walking around the neighbourhood selling each of the new flag designs. We got into it because we like the idea of having a choice, and it is great to be able to play a small part and get people thinking and talking about what having the flag means.”


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