NASA Probe Pluto : Probe Reaches Pluto

Published: July 13, 2015

NASA Probe Pluto : Probe Reaches Pluto, After nearly a decade, a remarkable journey through space is about to finally reach its destination. An unmanned space probe is approaching Pluto and giving mankind the closest view it’s ever had of our solar system’s most distant planet.

After travelling about five billion kilometers to the very edge of the solar system, the space probe called New Horizons will fly-by within 10,000 kilometers of the dwarf planet on Tuesday. The space probe is a marvel, designed to travel through space for years and years while its sensitive cameras and scientific instruments were hibernating and covered up to protect them.

It started taking photos of the distant, icy planet in April. As the probe approaches Pluto, the image are expected to be hundreds of times more detailed.

“It’s got guidance systems and communication systems and propulsion systems and seven scientific instruments on board,” said New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern. “It’s actually pretty high tech. It’s the most sophisticated space craft ever sent on a first reconnaissance mission, and I think the pictures of Pluto and its moons are going to knock people’s socks off.”

New Horizons will continue to gather data after it goes by Pluto. Its power source allows it to operate in space for another 20 years.

“We can’t predict what the discoveries will be and that’s the best part,” Stern said. “This is real exploration and nothing’s been done, anything like this really, since the 1980s and the Voyager program. It’s been a long time.”


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