N.Korea’s miracle drug?: North Korea Miracle Drug

Published: June 21, 2015

N.Korea’s miracle drug?: North Korea Miracle Drug, The authoritarian, impoverished nation announced it has a drug that can prevent and cure Mers, Ebola, Sars and Aids.

The North Korean propaganda machine must be in overdrive to keep up with this chaos – even though there apparently is no miracle drug to help millions of people in North Korea. According to the pro-North Korea website Minjok Tongshin, the drug was originally produced in 1996.

Since there was no proof of this claim, it is expected to provoke skepticism worldwide.

No infections had been reported anywhere near the isolated and oppressive country where respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis are responsible for a large amount of deaths.

Meanwhile North Korea is presently going through its worst drought in over a hundred years. North Korea made its claim again about the efficacy of the Kumdang-2 injection as South Korea continues to fight the outbreak of MERS.

Pyongyang had praised the effectiveness of the medicine in 2003 when the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome hit China and Hong Kong. Saudi Arabia first reported the disease in 2012. Rare-earth elements are the metals we find in many of our consumer electronics products, so it could be that North Korea heaped a bunch of manure on top of some smartphones and grew ginseng from that. Its health ministry also said yesterday that the outbreak appeared to have levelled off. “However, based on available sequencing studies of this virus, it doesn’t appear to have changed to make itself more transmissible”.

Prevention of travel, especially internationally, of infected persons and contacts. “According to the clinic records, there have been many cases, where some seriously injured men being in state of coma breathing last breaths revived to this world after its injection every 4 hours, 6-8 ampoules each time”, says the website.


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