Mystery cloud forms: Costa Rica Cloud Formation

Published: September 19, 2015

Mystery cloud forms: Costa Rica Cloud Formation, To the delight of many, a stunning rainbow-like formation peered out from behind the clouds over Costa Rica on Tuesday.

The formation was spotted in the sky over several Costa Rican cities, including the capital of San Jose, ABC reported.

Observers eagerly shared pictures on social media with the hashtag #ElcieloExtraño, which means “strange sky.”

Instagram | @morales2chelo_

#ElcieloExtraño #escazu

The striking colors are caused by a rare weather phenomenon called “cloud iridescence.”

A mix of light, water droplets and ice particles cause the light to refract and create the phenomenon, Eladio Solano, a meteorologist with the National Meteorological Institute told Teletica News.

Here are a few of the amazing images:

Instagram | @hildeman74

Amazing photo captured in Costa Rica. 😊 regram @morales2chelo_ #ElcieloExtraño #escazuCostaRica

Instagram | @roupolimama

This happened yesterday in beautiful Costa Rica PURA VIDA Clouds Photo credit. @kevinotway #puravida #costarica #escazuCostaRica #ootd

Instagram | @kevinotway

IlluOminous perturbations. #escazu #sanjose #costarica

Costa Rica Cloud Formation

Costa Rica Cloud Formation

Costa Rica Cloud Formation


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