More ‘Scandal’: Scandal Season 5

Published: September 26, 2015

More ‘Scandal’: Scandal Season 5, Get your crystal balls, Gladiators, because Scandal is back and we are making our predictions for the scandalous twists and shocking turns that Shonda Rhimes’ political drama will take us on for season 5. EW’s own Nina Terrero joined the roundtable on PEOPLE Now to dissect the season 5 premiere and ponder what will happen to Olivia, Fitz, Jake, Huck, and the rest of the cast this year.

The main focus of the premiere was the Olitz relationship, as we finally see Fitz divorcing Mellie in favor of Olivia. As the roundtable was (understandably) staunchly Team Jake, the divorce wasn’t totally swoon-worthy. Although things seem to be smooth sailing for Olivia and Fitz at last, we predict that the relationship will not last through the season. Knowing Shonda Rhimes, it’s pretty unthinkable that anyone would make it through a whole season without heaps of drama being thrown his or her way.

Then the question for new season cases and guest stars came up, and Terrero was ready with her answer: move over, Sarah Koenig, because it’s time for Olivia Pope to take a crack at the Adnan Syed case. Serial gave listeners one of the most engrossing unsolved cases of the 21st century, so why not bring it to the screen on Scandal? And Terrero already has her Adnan casting in mind: Dev Patel.

In the final scene of the premiere episode, we see Jake and Huck talking about teaming up. Terrero says that she hopes in this season, the two troubled men come together to form their own crisis management syndicate that can fix D.C. scandals just like Olivia’s does.


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