Missing Bain Family

Published: May 7, 2012

Missing Bain Family, Investigators, who are searching for the missing Bain family who disappeared 10 days ago after leaving their Tennessee home, said the four missing family members are in danger and issued warrants for a suspect in the kidnapping.

Police from Tennessee have teamed up with the FBI as they search for Jo Ann Bain, 31, of Hardeman County in western Tennessee, and her daughters, Kyliyah Bain, 8, Alexandria Bain, 12, and Adrienne Bain, 14. Authorities believe that Adam Mayes, 35, may have kidnapped the four members of the Bain family.

On Sunday, authorities discovered two bodies at the Mississippi home of Mayes. Officials, however, could not confirm if the bodies they discovered in Mayes’ apartment belonged to either Jo Ann or any of her daughters, reported Reuters.

The FBI said they were waiting on a reported the Tennessee’s medical examiner before identifying the bodies. A spokesman for the FBI did not disclose if any of the bodies were children, reported the Associated Press.

“We’re waiting on the results,” said FBI spokesman Special Agent Joel Siskovic.

As police attempt to track down Mayes and the Bain family, they warned that he might have changed his appearance to evade capture.

“We do have information that he has altered the appearances of everybody including himself, primarily from cutting their hair,” Siskovic said, reported ABC. “The girls may have far shorter hair than the pictures out there.”

In the meantime, arrest warrants for kidnapping charges have been issued for Mayes.

The Bain family has been missing since April 27. Gary Bain, Jo Ann’s husband and the father of the missing girls, had attempted to get in touch with his wife throughout the day and was unable to reach her. When the girls did not return from school, he reported them missing to the local sheriff’s office. The family car was also gone. (International Business Times)


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