Matt Damon: The Night Ridiculist Tuesday

Published: August 4, 2011

Matt Damon: The Night Ridiculist Tuesday, As Anderson Cooper remarked on the night Ridiculist Tuesday, it’s not the wisest idea to play with Matt Damon.The actor of 40 years, whose mother is an educator, led to Washington at the weekend to rally against the use of standardized tests as an indicator of how teachers, students and schools are to be interpreted and he talked about some other issues along the way.

He challenged not only a journalist who questioned incentive for a teacher to implement on the job, but he also went after a cameraman who has proposed that 10 percent of teachers are bad … and that perhaps 10 percent of people in any profession needs to rethink their careers.

“Okay, but maybe you’re a s – cameraman there,” Damon said. It was not done there, however.

In a video posted by Nicolas Ballasy, Damon answers a question on the matter of debt.

“I’m so disgusted,” said the actor’s debt ceiling debate. “I do not know what you face this kind of intransigence, so my heart does go out to the president, it deals with many things “.

But Damon acknowledged that the compromise was not easy, he said, “The rich pay less than they paid at any time, probably in my life and probably in the last century. I not know what they paid in the 20’s crazy, but it is criminal that so little is asked of people who do so. I do not mind paying more; I really do not like the idea of?? Paying more taxes. I prefer to pay more taxes than cut Start reading is fundamental or head, or some of these programs that really help children. It is the largest country in the world, is it that much worse if you pay 6 percent more in taxes? Give me a break. Look what you get for it. You get to be American. ”

Is the rich who are $ 250,000 and create jobs above? Damon does not think so. “I did not start a small business with my tax relief, and I do not know anyone else who did. Everyone socking his or her money. No one started a business with his or her first tax cut … that defies common sense. I was against those tax cuts, they are ridiculous. So little is asked to the next grade anyway, what percent of them or their children are fighting in these wars? … If you walk down Fifth Avenue, there is no sense of shared sacrifice. ”


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