Masked man attacks at school: Sweden School Attack

Published: October 22, 2015

Masked man attacks at school: Sweden School Attack, The attack took place on Thursday morning at the school, around 75km from Gothenburg, after a man wearing a mask walked into a building on the premises wielding “several knife-like objects”, police said.

One male teacher, 20, died following the incident, along with a pupil, whose age was confirmed by police in the evening as 17, despite initial statements suggesting he was 11.

A 21-year-old suspect was confirmed dead just after 4pm, with officials adding that they did not think that anyone else was involved. Another teacher and an older pupil are understood to remain in hospital.

“The assailant knocked on two classroom doors and he attacked the two students who opened the doors,” police investigator Thord Haraldsson told a press conference in Trollhättan.

He said that officers called to the scene had fired two shots, with one of them hitting the assailant, after the suspect had first attempted to attack the police.

Haraldsson said if the police hadn’t reacted as quickly as they did, the situation could have been much worse. Pre-school children had been visiting the school’s library earlier in the day.

Some pupils have described how they initially thought the man’s appearance was a prank.

“When we first saw him, we thought it was a joke. He was wearing a mask and black clothes and (carrying) a long sword. Some students wanted to take their picture with him and feel the sword,” one unidentified pupil told TT.

A picture reported to be of the alleged attacker was circulating in Swedish media on Thursday afternoon.

Här är Saras bild på skolmördaren: “Han sa inte ett ord”

– Aftonbladet (@Aftonbladet) October 22, 2015

Several news outlets said the 21-year-old had a YouTube account where he posted material glorifying Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, and was critical of Islam and immigration.

Haraldsson confirmed during the press conference that reports the suspect had far-right beliefs were part of the investigation, but said he did not want to comment further.

However the detective told Swedish reporters that several “things that are of interest” had been discovered when searching his home.


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