Man Dies After Concert

Published: July 22, 2015

Man Dies After Concert, A Memphis man died in police custody in Southaven Saturday night after reportedly being hogtied and telling officers he was having trouble breathing due to asthma.

Troy Goode, 30, of Memphis, died at Baptist Memorial Hospital in DeSoto Saturday night, two hours after being detained by the Southaven Police Department, according to Tim Edwards, an attorney for Goode’s family.

Goode and his wife, Kelli, attended a Widespread Panic concert in Southaven Saturday night. Goode was intoxicated, Edwards said, and the couple left the event.

According to Edwards, while Goode’s wife was driving, Goode “unexpectedly” exited the vehicle and began acting “erratically.”

“There was not any violent conduct,” Edwards said, “just erratic.”

An unknown passerby called police. When police arrived on scene, they took Goode into custody, hogtying him and placing him face down on a stretcher, Edwards said.

Goode, who had asthma, reportedly told police he was having trouble breathing throughout the incident.

Chief Tom Long of the Southaven Police Department said when his officers arrived on scene, they were told Goode was having an “alleged LSD overdose.”

“The officers on scene and ambulance personnel and hospital personnel felt like the information of the alleged overdose fit the protocol that they were seeing of his actions,” Long said.

At least one video of the arrest exists, Edwards said.

David McLaughlin, a Memphis attorney, posted a video of the arrest on YouTube Monday.


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