MacFarlane slams ‘Duck Dynasty’: Seth MacFarlane Duck Dynasty

Published: June 3, 2015

MacFarlane slams ‘Duck Dynasty’: Seth MacFarlane Duck Dynasty, Seth MacFarlane, who often finds himself the target of poor reviews, instead found himself the recipient of the Louis XIII Genius Award at the 2015 Critics’ Choice Television Awards on A&E. He took the opportunity to make fun of A&E and its programming, “The word genius gets thrown around a lot, which is good because otherwise I probably wouldn’t be getting this.

But even taking that into account, let’s put this in perspective… I’m being declared a genius on a network that airs Duck Dynasty, a show whose cast members believe hurricanes are created by gay marriage. I wish I were joking.”

He also made fun of himself, saying, “I want to thank the people at Fox who years ago took a chance on a quirky little animated show about a bumbling dad and his family — which I saw and then created Family Guy.”


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