Lockerbie Bomber: Scottish Gov’t checks

Published: August 30, 2011

Lockerbie Bomber: Scottish Gov’t checks, Officials supervising the parole of the man Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing have been in contact with his family and I think he is at his home in Tripoli where he died of prostate cancer, the Scottish Government announced Monday.

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was convicted in 2001 by the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 that killed 270 people. He was released from a Scottish prison on humanitarian grounds in August 2009 after he developed prostate cancer and the doctors felt that he had three months to live.

Since the opposition of Libya in Tripoli peak last week, probation officers in Scotland had been trying to confirm where al-Megrahi. Under the terms of his release from prison, the convicted bomber must live at his home in the Libyan capital and provide a monthly report on his health.

“Over the weekend, he was contacted by the family of Mr. Al-Megrahi. There was no evidence of a violation of its license terms, and his condition is consistent with someone suffering from terminal prostate cancer, “the Scottish government said in a statement.

East Renfrewshire Council, the local authority responsible for ensuring al-Megrahi is consistent with the terms of his release, said officials had received e-mail during the weekend of the al-Megrahi, confirming the details of his fate and condition.

Council spokesman George Barbour said that power was able to confirm the authenticity of the message, but declined to provide details of the contents or say if it contains photographs of al-Megrahi or Further evidence of his condition.

New York senators have called on the transitional government of Libya al-Megrahi to take full responsibility for the Pan Am bombing. His release after serving eight years in prison for life infuriated the families of Lockerbie victims many.

Some suspect his discharge was motivated by the attempts of Great Britain to improve relations with Libya, the oil-rich – if the decision was sanctioned by the authorities in Scotland, not London.

Last month, Al-Megrahi was found at a televised meeting in Tripoli with Libyan dictator sides of Muammar Gaddafi.

The semi-autonomous government of Scotland has criticized those who suggested that al-Megrahi couldn’t be terminally ill.

“The speculation about al-Megrahi, the last few days was useless, unnecessary and even ill-informed,” said the government in its statement. “As has always been said, al-Megrahi is dying of a terminal illness, and questions about his health really should be left there.”

However, he stated that any change in the health of al-Megrahi would probably be a “a subject of discussion with the National Transition Council.”

British diplomats in London have confirmed they planned talks with the opposition of Libya in the coming weeks on the status of al-Megrahi, and ask the rebel leaders to help the suspect to continue to respect the rules monitoring, the Scottish Government.

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell told BBC radio that he now seems certain that the life of the attack was “coming to an end.”


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