Linda Evangelista And Son

Published: August 7, 2011

Linda Evangelista And Son, Raising a child is damn expensive, as anyone who has one or has one knows. It costs an average of two hundred large to raise a child in a middle class family from birth to their eighteenth birthday, and if I am any kind of example, they will probably stick around since their baptism legal age. If this sounds bad, wait until you hear how Linda Evangelista wants Fran├žois-Henri Pinault to support child. The model wants 46 large a month from the husband of Salma Hayek in order to hire a nanny for 24 hours and safety for the child of four years.

The scoop has the story, noting the claim that one Evangelista, all day every day would cost eighty great nannies for one year, with the $ 175,000 in security costs. It’s a total of $ 255 thousand dollars a year, leaving nearly 300 000 dollars and the rest … uh, well, it does not say. In fact, the whole article makes no note of this mathematical conundrum.

Pinault lawyer is of course difficult to that amount, which will likely be compromised to a reasonable number, saying, “She testified that she wants to have a nanny for 24 hours because she does not want to be alone with the child… Miss Evangelista, you must understand, has a value of over $ 8 million, and she won last year and 1.8 million. “Which seems rather shady, if true. There’s something wrong with having a child raised by a nanny, but if this is true, then what kind of chance does this kid has to grow up in a normal human being?

I do not feel too bad for this guy Pinault, but I feel for this kid whose mother did not seem to fck him. Good luck to Augustine, we are all pulling for you, kid.


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